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Carlos de Man

Connect Me


The challenge

Do you recognize the problem of thinking "I wish I had..." after attending an educational or professional events? This often arises because people during the event don't feel well-prepared, didn't encounter the right person, don't have all the time to explore, or didn't have the confidence to initiate conversations. This leads to missed opportunities for valuable interactions, networking and professional growth. The core of the issue lies in the lack of self-confidence, preparation, planning and skills to initiate contacts, this makes people feel uncomfortable and unable to fully capitalize on the opportunities these educational and professional events offer.

The solution

Connect Me can solve the problem by lowering the barrier for people to make initiate contact during educational and professional events. By offering the option to enter personal information such as work experience and educational background in a website/app via a QR code upon entry, participants can easily see who is present and which participants may be interesting for a conversation and where to locate them. This makes it easier for them to approach others because they already have a topic of conversation and can see who is open for interaction and see what there interest and goal is during the event. This reduces missed opportunities and allows for deeper connections between participants, which is a more efficient way of networking. Additionally, the app facilitates the process of exchanging contact information during talks, increasing the likelihood of continued contact after the event. This contributes to building long-term professional relationships and strengthening the network of participants. Summary key benefits Connect Me: - Reducing social barriers: The app lowers the barrier for people to connect during educational and professional events, making them feel more confident to initiate conversations and interactions. - Information provision: The app provides participants with information about other attendees, allowing them to see who is present and which participants might be interesting for conversation. - Efficiency: Utilizing the app makes networking more efficient as participants can easily identify who is open to interaction and exchange contact information during conversations. - Deep connections: By lowering barriers and providing information, the app fosters deeper connections between participants, ultimately leading to more valuable and long-lasting professional relationships. Through these advantages, Connect Me not only provides a practical solution to the problem of missed opportunities during events but also creates an environment where participants have more opportunities to forge valuable connections and expand their networks. So Connect Me ensures that you'll no longer find yourself thinking 'I wish I had...' after attending an event (:

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