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Omar Rustemi
Matthijs Streefkerk

Boozzt Energy

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The challenge

The problem we address is the need for a safe, efficient, and convenient energy boost for young people facing long days and the need to perform across various activities like school, exams, work, sports, and socializing. Current solutions, such as energy drinks, medications like Ritalin for non-medical purposes, and pre-workout supplements, often come with health risks, including high sugar content and potentially harmful substances. Additionally, accurately measuring an individual's energy dose is challenging with these options, which also lack portability and ease of use across different daily activities, making them impractical for sustained and flexible use.

The solution

The proposed solution is Boozzt, an energy-boosting mouth spray that combines caffeine, theacrine, B-vitamins, and L-Theanine in convenient pocket-sized spray. It offers a balanced, longer-lasting energy boost, free from high sugar, calories and unhealthy additives. Boozzt not only offers a balanced, longer-lasting energy boost, but also emphasizes affordability and taste. With 25 doses in one pocket-sized bottle, it provides a cost-effective energy solution. Additionally, Boozzt differentiates itself with a selection of natural fruit flavors, aiming to offer an energy boost that's not only effective but also enjoyable to consume, thanks to its appealing taste.

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