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The challenge

After a continuous population increase over the years and the increased globalization in the world, housing crises have become increasingly common. Starting in The Netherlands, where the housing issue is prominent, Homu is a housing platform that aims to tackle the housing problem from a different perspective, employing innovation at every step of the process. Our launching business model consists of two main differentiated target groups of customers; Hosts and tenants. After a thorough and ongoing customer assessment and research, we have found that both target groups have different problems (pains), which Homu aims to tackle to provide a proper solution. For Tenants (primarily students), the main problems (pains) that we are seeking to solve are: - They spend too much time finding a place to live - Being rejected by most landlords for being international (Non-Dutch) - Being rejected by most landlords for being students - Being scammed when trying to find a place to live - Paying too much money for housing For Hosts, the main problems that we are seeking to solve are: - Elderly (optional) loneliness. - Not making use of available spaces in their homes to generate income when needed. - The existing insecurity for a host when bringing into their home a tenant whom they don't know personally. - The long time taken to find an appropriate tenant. - The hassle of doing all the legal processes required. Additionally, a problem that Homu tackles is to make the process of meeting the ever-increasing housing demands much more sustainable, as the only solution that is often put forward to meet demand is to build more, which, besides being too expensive, increases carbon emissions, which contributes to the greenhouse effect, a massively important topic to tackle. Homu aims to provide solutions to the previously mentioned problems not only innovatively but also sustainably.

The solution

Homu introduces a novel solution to the prevalent housing challenges by pioneering a house-sharing platform. This innovative approach centers on connecting individuals seeking accommodation with homeowners who have available space or rooms in their residences and are open to renting them out. Tailored Matchmaking: At the heart of Homu's platform is a sophisticated matching system designed to pair tenants with compatible hosts. By considering factors such as location preferences, budget constraints, lifestyle needs, and housing requirements, Homu ensures that each match is personalized and mutually beneficial. Optimizing Available Space: Homu optimizes the utilization of underutilized space in homeowners' residences. Many homeowners possess spare rooms or unused areas that could be repurposed for rental purposes. Through Homu's platform, homeowners can effortlessly monetize their available space, generating supplementary income while providing affordable housing solutions. Fostering Community Engagement: Homu fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among tenants and hosts. By facilitating shared living arrangements, Homu encourages tenants and hosts to interact, collaborate, and build meaningful connections. This communal environment not only enriches the living experience but also mitigates feelings of isolation and loneliness, particularly among homeowners living alone. Ensuring Safety and Quality: Homu prioritizes safety and quality in all housing offerings. Before listing a property on the platform, homeowners undergo rigorous vetting procedures to verify the safety and quality of their space. Additionally, Homu provides tenants with comprehensive property listings, complete with detailed descriptions, photographs, and reviews, empowering them to make informed decisions and select accommodations that meet their standards. Streamlining Financial Transactions: Homu streamlines financial transactions between tenants and hosts, ensuring transparency and security throughout the rental process. From rental payments to security deposits, all financial transactions are conducted seamlessly through Homu's platform, alleviating concerns and fostering trust between both parties. Homu's innovative house-sharing platform revolutionizes the housing landscape by offering a holistic solution that addresses the needs of both tenants and hosts. By leveraging technology and fostering community engagement, Homu endeavors to create a more inclusive, sustainable, and harmonious housing ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

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