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Balint Tapai
Jan van Gestel
Vladislavs Sokolovs



The challenge

There are numerous young adults around the world struggling with mental health issues, and many of them encounter significant barriers to accessing the necessary care. The lack of support during crucial moments in their mental health journey often leads to worsening of their condition, contributing to a larger health crisis. Key obstacles that often (temporarily) hinder access to mental health services include: long waiting lists, budget constraints and feeling unable to discuss your emotions .

The solution

SelfQuest Budd-E – A Comprehensive Mental Wellness Companion To address these challenges, we propose Budd-E, a revolutionary Large Language Model (LLM) powered mental health companion software that utilizes multimodal (text, speech, video) emotion recognition to understand and interpret a user's feelings. By aligning the emotions of the user and by dividing the problems they deal with in topics, we can allow them to track which topics cause which emotions and identify problematic thinking patterns. By combining and utilising the gained information, the supportive tone of the agent, and by specialising the agent in having meaningful conversations, we believe we can improve the users emotional wellbeing. SelfQuest Budd-E is ideal for those who are unable to access conventional therapy due to financial, bureaucratic, or personal barriers. It also serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking to maintain their mental well-being proactively. Budd-E aims to be accessible, user-friendly, and effective. In addition Budd-e leaves room for the following prospects: highlight frequently overlooked topics and allow for connectivity with smart wearables and EEG devices for even better monitoring.

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