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Mathieu Van de Vel
Samuel Sojka
Ali Uygar Öztürk


Business Ready

The challenge

Wisp is committed to addressing the financial hardships and budgeting challenges that are prevalent among individuals in the Netherlands. Our initial research included problem validation interviews, revealing that approximately 46% of participants consider financial management a significant challenge. This often leads to the need to borrow from friends or family, or dipping into savings to manage monthly expenses, with many experiencing recurring financial difficulties. Furthermore, a substantial 90% of those attempting to address these financial issues found traditional tools like Excel spreadsheets cumbersome, due to them needing to manually input all the data. Participants criticized tools like Excel for being too complex and hence time-consuming to learn and use effectively. Other, more traditional budgeting apps were critiqued for being too simplistic, lacking the necessary features to provide valuable insights into budget management. The Wisp team consists of four individuals from diverse cultural and financial backgrounds, each of whom faced financial management challenges during our university years. This shared experience has shown us the personal nature of financial management and highlighted the need for a tailored approach. Traditional, one-size-fits-all budgeting tools are often inadequate, failing to meet the diverse financial needs of individuals.

The solution

Driven by these insights, Wisp is dedicated to developing a more adaptable, intuitive platform that transcends conventional solutions, offering a user-friendly tool that genuinely caters to the unique financial circumstances of each user. Our goal is to empower everyone with the ability to navigate their financial challenges with greater ease and confidence, providing them with the tools to achieve financial stability. Our app currently offers features such as a transaction uploading system, automated categorization, and a basic spending overview. We are working towards improving these features, while also creating features such as detailed financial analyses, enhanced budgeting tools, automatic notification systems and transaction uploading, and superior app performance. Wisp stands for 'Wise Spending', and that is because we are so dedicated to providing personalized financial solutions, because we understand that everyone's needs are unique.

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