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Mattia Sferrazza
Prakhar Tiwari

NGV: NextGenVisits


The challenge

Our focus centers on eliminating the necessity for initial, routine medical appointments, providing a solution that benefits both healthcare practitioners(Doctors, GPs, etc) and patients. It is a common issue for patients who want to attend a doctor's appointment to contact, schedule, commute to and attend such appointment, only to be informed that the concern is non-urgent and can be adequately addressed through common medications. This inefficient interaction demands a more simplified, efficient, and time-effective solution for all parties involved.

The solution

NextGenVists (NGV) introduces a solution that involves providing practitioners with a trustworthy chatbot assistant, designed to streamline the consultation process and replace first routine medical appointments, which will benefit both of our target groups: patients and practitioners. Practitioners will receive automated medical reports generated from the patient's interaction with the chatbot. This solution has many benefits for practitioners, such as: reducing the practitioner's workload by eliminating the need for manual creation of a patient's report; providing possible diagnoses for the patients; and helping lower the usage of disposable medical supplies and waste like gloves and masks. For patients, the chatbot serves as an open 24/7 direct communication platform where they can communicate their symptoms and receive medical questions in response to further investigate the patient's issue, replacing the supposed practitioner appointment. This interaction allows the chatbot to acquire knowledge equivalent to that obtained during a traditional consultation with a doctor and thus create reliable medical reports. This solution benefits patients as it provides a constantly accessible chatbot that they can consult, eliminating the need for physical appointments and thus additionally reducing carbon emissions associated with commuting, crucial in cities where the majority rely on personal vehicles.

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