4x Tips to encourage you to think Social!


With an eye on social entrepreneurship, we selected 4x tips to feed your sustainable minds. Next to entertainment and relaxation, there is some really good content available that will inspire and motivate you. Check out the following podcast, book, documentary, and website! 


Sustainababble is an amusing podcast by two hosts, David Powell and Oliver Hayes, talk about their industry knowledge, the environment, sustainability and the nonsense people gab about when talking about saving the planet. When you are done listening, you will be left with a new perspective and insight about sustainability.
Listen to Sustainababble via Google podcast, Spotify and Acast.


The New Breed

In short, the New Breed documentary displays three different types of social entrepreneurs. The millennials are starting their adventure in the business world and at the same time taking up both social and environmental issues: including poverty, homelessness, and environmental pollution. All dialogues come from original meetings between the stakeholders and the founders of the companies: David & Kevin (co-founders Bureo), Kohl (co-founder Known Supply), and Janna (founder Bonfolk). The film itself is also a social enterprise, as it is filmed by young filmmakers from different backgrounds around the world. You can find the documentary on Vimeo.


Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World

This book, written by Peter H. Diamondis and Steven Kotler, tackles three major subjects at once, starting with exponential technologies. Bold claims that technologies like 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc., create a disrupting flow for Fortune 500 companies. They also create plenty of opportunities for starting entrepreneurs in running future billion-dollar companies. Part two regards moonshot thinking where the impossible can be achieved. Bold takes Larry Page, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos as an example and exposes their entrepreneurial secrets. In part three, the authors teach several ways to create designs to take advantage of the current hyper-connected crowd. The book is available on bol.com and amazon.


This website focuses on news relevant for upcoming or current entrepreneurs. It mainly includes tips and market information about SME. It brings your entrepreneurial knowledge up to date. You can find the site when you click on this link.


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