Team K.I.S.S. talks about food, ideas and networking (Interviews).


Food: we prefer it easy, quick, cheap, and most of the time also healthy. Unfortunately, with the many expensive healthy options including protein and energy bars, there is no fit between these bars and individualistic needs. Next to processed ingredients that are not always safe for the people, the production of nutrition bars is not environment-friendly and sustainable. Purvi Sankhla, participant of the Tilburg University Challenge, has an idea for solving this problem!

Dear Purvi, Thank you for answering our questions and sharing your views. First, as always, can you tell us about yourself, your hobbies, and interests?
My name is Purvi and I am from India. How would I describe myself? I am a curious person with varied interests. I have lived and traveled across many places, having an opportunity to learn and explore new things, enjoy amazing food, and meet interesting people. I went backpacking in the Himalayas and learned yoga there for example. Also, I am fond of adventures, photography, and playing the piano. Besides I am a food-, technology- and sustainability-enthusiast. This might look very divergent to some people. But, I see all of them connected, and if connected right, disruptive. So, with joining the Tilburg University Challenge, I am on a journey to hopefully achieve that!

Waw you sound like a real travel- and food expert! Now we know more about you, tell us about your idea with which you are participating in the challenge, and how it was born?
When I came to the Netherlands, I was overwhelmed by seeing the insane amount of quick health food options, like nutrition bars, in the supermarket. Ironically, none seemed best or perfect to me. Eventually, I came to know it was not just me, but many felt the same. Specifically, university students who care about hassle-free meals. Then, I started researching more about this and found many ancient and modern studies that supported the repercussions of  "too busy to eat",  "too expensive to eat," not the food for me" meals. There, I saw an opportunity- KISS. Keeping the concept simple that gives you customized food options, powered by the technology to make sure that you get options backed by research. This does not only provide hassle-free but also customized nutritious food options. 

Interesting! So, when doing research, you talked with others about this problem and idea. We think for everybody who is into entrepreneurship, networking is very important. What does networking mean to you?
When we hear networking, we imagine quantity. To me, it is about quality. It is about having few but nurturing connections where 'actions speak louder than words'. To me, networking should be powerful and two-sided. It should not rather waste your time and energy. It is like building relationships.


“If you find a nice connection, invest time and effort to nurture it.”


That's indeed very important to keep in mind when networking! What about your own experiences with networking?
I was into a professional (accounting and advisories) career earlier. So, networking helped me seek new clients and partners. It was valuable in earning revenue. 
Also, it was worthwhile how I got to know about the Tilburg University Challenge when attending the University's Entrepreneurship Networking Kick-off Event.

You already have some valuable experience with networking! For our less experienced readers, do you have some tips on what you should never do or say while networking? And what you definitely should do?
Things you do depend upon what you want. Based on my experience, I believe you should always define the purpose of attending the event first. During the event carry a warm- approachable attitude, ask interesting questions to people, and most importantly stay observant. If you find a nice connection, invest time and effort to nurture it.
On the other hand, being fake is a huge no. When you are genuine and honest, you connect well. Also, it is not nice to over-emphasis your presence. Lastly, staying at the event and fidgeting with your phone to kill time is a huge no as well. It is better to leave the event than to show disinterest there.

Great tips Purvi! So, let’s imagine you could be invited to any networking event or organized by a specific company. What network-opportunity would you choose? 
Given a chance, I'd love to attend foodtech network events. One such is 'Future Food-Tech'.  This is because this seems really cool, having great success stories. I believe to meet interesting, knowledgeable people in this event working on a similar passion as mine. This would open new brainstorming opportunities. 

When networking, your vision is automatically focused on the future. How do you see yourselves and your idea in 5 years?
In 5 years either I see myself as a successful entrepreneur or if not, working with other start-ups sharing similar passion- learning and preparing for a better comeback.

Thank you so much Purvi for answering our questions! We wish you all the best and luck during your entrepreneurial journey! 
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