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someone who enjoys doing research and organizing or someone who has niche interest on something

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May Myat Moe Zin

Third Place


The challenge

The concept of a "third place" denotes a social environment distinct from both the home and traditional work or school settings. Third places serve as communal spaces where individuals with shared interests can naturally come together and cultivate friendships. However, the prevalence of such spaces has decreased in contemporary society due to various factors. This decline contributes to the challenge of forming friendships organically, as individuals have fewer opportunities for casual social interaction outside of structured environments. Additionally, the cost associated with attending workshops and events can pose a barrier, particularly for students who may have limited financial resources.

The solution

Our objective is to establish a series of events and workshops in Tilburg accessible to all, with a particular focus on students, at a cost of less than 10 Euros per session, offered on a weekly to monthly basis. These activities will primarily emphasize a blend of informative and relaxed atmospheres. Each participant will leave these gatherings with both newfound knowledge and new social connections or even friends! The events will be facilitated by enthusiastic students who harbor a passion for their respective topics and soon be expanded to anyone from the area who is willing to contribute their passion.

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