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Jan Tarnowski
Hugo Leszczynski



The challenge

The problem that our customers are facing is related to sports. Currently a person who wants to hire a personal trainer/a coach or buy a training plan has to sacrifice a lot of their time through browsing social media/web in search of a personal trainer, then has to arrange the hours and the pay. This takes time and will to act. For many this process is too complicated or takes too much time and effort and they abandon the idea. In a result a lot of value on the market is lost as personal trainers lose customers that they would not lose if the process was simpler and easier.

The solution

We came up with and idea of a platform allowing both groups to connect. Personal trainers post the services they can provide as well as their time and location availability on the platform. Clients looking for personal trainers provide their needs and time availability. After reviewing all data provided the platform matches trainers with clients on ranking-like base (as it appears to be on Duolingo for example): the client receives the list of trainers, who satisfy their needs and availability, ranked from most-experienced and best reviewed at the very top of the list. Another functionality of the platform will be for clients willing to improve their experience of doing sports by solely looking for a well-suited training plan, but not necessarily looking for full-time personal trainer cooperation. As well as aspects mentioned above, the client will be able to choose the personal trainer, who will be responsible for the plan, from a ranking-like list.

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