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Livia Popper
Robin Gather



The challenge

New parents often have to spend a lot of time and energy into understanding the cry of their newborn. This leads to a series of stressful events in the first few months after a baby is born, such as sleep deprivation or depression. Most of the time, that is because parents face difficulties in recognising the needs and emotions of their newborn who can only express via one means of communication: crying. At CrySense, we focus on improving the communication between babies and parents.

The solution

CrySense is a pocket assistant for new parents that continuously listens to the sound their newborn and notifies them in real-time about their newborn's cry. The solution consists of a mobile application which is installed and used on two different devices: one placed at the bedside of the baby, and the other one on the mobile phone of the parents. The core of the solution is represented by a machine learning algorithm which detects and classifies the reason why the baby is crying, whether it is hunger, tiredness, or (belly) pain. Additionally, the CrySense application will provide suggestions on how to comfort the baby based on the outcome of the algorithm. Furthermore, CrySense applies adaptive AI, to update its listening algorithm to become truly personalised by learning the voice and crying type for a specific baby. To be even more precise and help reduce the stress of the parents during their newborn's first stages of life.

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