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Ramon Tsagkarakis


The challenge

These days it’s hard finding a job while having zero experience with only a degree, companies expect more and more from their employees each and every year.

The solution

Idea: A platform that connects businesses, firms and organisations that have jobs and/or projects with tasks that can be completed by students with the adequate knowledge and skills. Description: Businesses will provide part-time online and maybe when in the same region real life projects, jobs and experiences to students and will pay them a small amount for their time and effort. They will be able to choose the rights students based on grades, degree and overall academic performance and also have a small online or in person interview to make sure that they are fitted for the job. Students will have greater motivation to do good in school and will have a way to make some money, practice their craft and gain experience that can be really useful when looking for a full time job in the future. The business-student relation will improve dramatically and students will be able to explore more business environments and have a better understanding of where and how they would like to work in the future. Students will also improve and expand their knowledge and skills while working with more experienced employees that will help them and guide them through their work.

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