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Jonas Festor
Celeste Franssen
Emma Matthews
Julia Hiemer
Sen Koppe

Peer-to-Peer-ADHD group: Making education more inclusive!

Business Ready

The challenge

Main problems: 1. Difficulties for neurodivergent/struggling students to reach university support for a) exemption arrangements b) sessions with university's psychologist 2. Missing student community for mental support (place to connect to students with similar struggles) 3. Decreased possibilities for academic achievements due to lack of individual help 4. Insufficient discussion about ADHD/Neurodivergence at university on an education level

The solution

Introduction: The project is already established and ongoing. We did not wait for the financial support of others and managed to build this group on our creativity and engagement, along with the student deans and the university psychologist. For us, it is of major importance to show that the Tilburg University Challenge should value more projects that already establish themselves because a prominent problem needed to be solved. Where we stand -also known as- Our solution: The AD(H)D group exists for around 1,5 years and is flourishing. 1. We have meetings every week, supplemented by the dean or psychologist every second week 2. We have established a Canvas page with useful information and a discussion board. 3. Special educational events will be planned. One example was an ADHD talk in cooperation with the university, in which Dr. CK Kella talked about his perspective as somebody with ADHD pursuing an academic career (open to everyone interested, with catering) 4. Potential online meetings (digital group) Why do we need help? The project is built on volunteer work, and its future existence is unclear. Financial opportunities could increase the scope of our projects, especially regarding point 3. Furthermore, this finical support can insure the later existence of this project through incentives for the next generation of students (being organizers). This project has a strong societal base, and it is important to ensure that Tilburg Universities' inclusiveness rises and develops through the years. Moreover, this project has the potential to be widened towards other neurodivergent diagnoses and may exceed the scope of the university. Where is entrepreneurship? A lot of things cost, but educational opportunities and support should not depend on monetary possibilities. Instead of presenting a business case to create and increase profit, we offer the opportunity for your company to be a sponsor of our group (related to meetings, events, catering, etc.). Therefore, you can show having similar ethics and ideas for improving the future of society. So, you become an active member of change.

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