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Lukas Stock

Tinder for Used Books at Tilburg University


The challenge

Every Student knows the Game: At the beginning of the Semester, you can either buy used or new books online for your courses, or find someone using your personal network that has already taken the course and is willing to sell the book. The first choice is expensive and requires shipping and is recourse-intensive, the second choice often depends on change and is time-consuming, as you need to discuss a price, meeting point and time to hand over the product. Additionally, you do often tend to sit on old books and don't know anyone from the newer years who would be interested to buy them.

The solution

My solution would be to create a platform that closely works together with the University and is preferably structured as a non-profit. The main goals are to decrease the cost of being a student and to reduce the environmental footprint of the university. On such a platform, entire courses could enroll and indicate if they own the required literature AND are interested in selling it after the course. From the second semester of this platforms existence onward, Old students are then automatically matched with New students of the same course who indicate that they are interested in buying used books, giving them an opportunity to easily sell them.

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