Update Tilburg University Challenge concerning Coronavirus


Since we understand that the developments regarding the coronavirus have a great impact on students, companies, universities, and daily life, we hereby want to give you an update about the Tilburg University Challenge.

Last week, it has been announced by the government that the measurements regarding COVID-19 will be extended. In addition, the Tilburg University board has decided that all educational activities will continue in an online manner, for the entire academic year. This also has consequences for carrying out the Tilburg University Challenge. Everyone's health and safety is paramount.
We have therefore decided to postpone the entire Tilburg University Challenge to the period of September until November 2020, in the hope that all planned events can then take place live on campus.

Save the date - April 1
The Kick-Off planned on April 16 will serve as an update-event where the new timeline of the Tilburg University Challenge will be explained and questions can be asked. This will happen via a livestream on the website. During this update-session we will also explain what all of this means for current participants.

Online event: Update-session
Date: April 16
Time: Livestream 16:00 -  16:30 | Video-chats: 16:35 - 17:15

Additionally, after the livestream, it will be possible to have online video-chat-sessions with one or more partners. During these video-chats you can ask for feedback on your idea, receive coaching and brainstorm about the challenges of the partners regarding the coronavirus. If you are interested in having one or more video-chats with partners, you can register via your dashboard (Events & Registrations). The deadline for this registration is Friday April 10, 12pm!

Keep on working!
Moving the Tilburg University Challenge, doesn’t mean that you have to sit still in the meantime. We want to offer you some possibilities to further sharpen your idea:
  1. The profiles of the current participants remain visible on the website and the use of the dashboards and chat function will still be available in the period between April and August. This means that you can keep working on your idea/project during this period. 
  2. Furthermore, the experts from Tilburg University will also be available throughout the entire period between April and August to help you with your idea. They are open for questions and can provide you with a roadmap of useful tools to further develop your project. There will be fixed hours every week for which you can schedule yourself with the use of Calendly.  
More information about this will be provided during the Update-session on April 16.

Corona challenges
Current developments around COVID-19 ask for a great deal of flexibility and creativity from all of us. There are many new problems and challenges that we as a society must find a solution to. Think of problems in logistics, communication, economy, and media and of course the many issues which entrepreneurs are facing right now. Your ideas and creativity are of great value especially in this time.
Therefore, we want to challenge you to elaborate and think about new solutions for these new problems. At the online Update-session we will explain what this all means and how this will be implemented in the Tilburg University Challenge.

We hope that we have informed you sufficiently and want to thank you for your understanding. We look forward to seeing you again and answering all your questions during the
livestream on April 16. 
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