New Corona Category has been added to the Tilburg University Challenge


New: The Corona Category, start making impact right now!

Who would have thought? Half a year ago, nobody could have ever
predicted the current situation that we’re in at the moment. The world is facing a lot of problems concerning the Coronavirus. However, this also creates challenges and opportunities to make things better in all parts of our society that have to do with the COVID-19 situation.

Due to the Coronavirus, our daily life is altered in an unforeseen way. The impact of the virus cannot be narrowed into a number of sectors but instead influences the entire society. For example, think of:
  • The healthcare, which has been postponed a lot but must be caught up eventually;
  • the loneliness of the elderly;
  • the well-being and development of children;
  • our privacy in relation to the use of COVID-19 apps;
  • the recovery of our economy;
  • social distancing and a meter-and-a-half society;
  • new ways of working;
  • local production and supply chains;
  • legal effects of emergency laws;
  • our sustainability behavior;
and many more!

The Corona Category
The Tilburg University Challenge wants to challenge all students of Tilburg University to come up with ideas or solutions regarding the COVID-19 crisis. A new category will be added to invite and challenge students to make impact right now: the Corona Category. As you can see in the list of examples above, this category will not only focus on the medical aspect of the virus. Every idea related to the current crisis situation, and its impact, is very welcome!

Because of this extra category, it will be possible to join with a maximum of two ideas; one in the corona category and one in the ideation or business ready category (business ideas not related to the Coronavirus).
The corona category will follow the entire timeline of the challenge; with workshops, online chatting, the speed date event and of course the grand finale. The best idea in this category will win an extra prize on this final event in November.

As of May 20, it is possible to sign up and start working on it.
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