Extra coaching opportunity: receive feedback from business experts!


The Tilburg University Challenge is focused on offering its participants the best opportunity to further develop their ideas and projects. All participants have access to a broad network of relevant companies and organizations. Next to this, the Tilburg University Challenge brings a novelty to the table when it comes to coaching- and feedback sessions.

As of the beginning of May, the Tilburg University Challenge offers its participants an extra coaching opportunity. After receiving feedback from several partner companies, the participants now get the opportunity to work up this feedback and determine, with the assistance of the business experts, the next steps of their entrepreneurial journey.

“I  think it was very helpful; the guy to whom I have spoken was very informative, and could give me examples from his life experience.
I think that everyone who has an idea should give it a shot, because nowadays there are still many solutions to be found, whether climate change, economics, medicine, etc. We, the young generation, are the ones who can make a difference for the future of our children.”
Dariyan Nikolov, Participant.

Brainstorm tools
Next to assisting participants in taking steps and further developing their projects, the business experts offer excellent support for those without an idea yet. Participants who are eager to develop an entrepreneurial mindset but who are still looking for their innovative idea, will be offered amazing brainstorm tools. Tools to find the interest area, and how to go from problem definition to a solution to an innovative idea.

Entrepreneurial guide
When taking advantage of this coaching opportunity, participants will work with a roadmap. This roadmap is a guide for entrepreneurs during their entrepreneurial journey; from business plan to lean canvas to customer experience to pitch.

The Coaching Experts     


Karen Lanning Mark van de Pol
Business Developer Startups
at Braventure at Tilburg University
Startup Evangelist, Director Innovation
IGT-S at Philips
Schedule a meeting* 
If you are interested in receiving coaching from business experts, don’t hesitate and take this opportunity with both hands! To make it as easy as possible, you can schedule the meeting yourself:
  1. Click on the link: 
  2. Select a date and time 
  3. Fill in your personal details 
  4. The expert/business developer will contact you by telephone on the selected date and time
* Due to the coronavirus, meeting in person is still partly restricted and not always possible. That’s why the coaching sessions will be held by phone. Before scheduling a meeting, make sure you are registered for the Tilburg University Challenge.

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