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Alperen Demirtas

Campus Orbis (CAO)

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The challenge

The unmet need concerning the three fundamental customer segments (campus stakeholders), educational institutions, students, and private parties, of CAO is as follows; Educational institutions' means of communication are outdated when assessed relatively with an everyday users current reality. Consequently, resulting in students utilizing the campus amenities on emergency need basis only, as outlined in Peter Dietsche's report. In his study, Dietsche concludes that a new service delivery method is necessary to remove "key institutional barriers" (Dietsche, 2012). Further, EdTech industry is growing rapidly; however, not all institutions bare the resources of adapting to today's technology. Students are faced with a challenging question as they become an individual that will affect at least the next four years of their lives. On top of that, they are facing this question in an unknown environment. Their lives are limited to what their surroundings offer at that point of time and not everyone of them has the means of preparing before hand. Private parties, as the world moves into the era of cloud services, AR/VR technology, the marketing industry is evolving. As we predict, this industry is being dominated by the whales of the industry, since the local companies do not possess the required resources for such operations yet. Furthermore, the next generations are compelled by these local gems as they have been growing up in a desperately globalizing conditions. CAO will merely act as a bridge that connects the aforementioned concepts and become the first friend an individual will have on their side as they attempt to face the realities of life in an unknown environment.

The solution

A virtual infrastructure that incentivizes engagement between campus stakeholders.

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