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Konul Valizada


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The challenge

Housing market in the Netherlands is under more stress than ever, affecting not only locals but also students, and especially international students. Past few years have been a literal game of survival for international students in the Netherlands. It has come to the level that universities are expected to stop all recruiting activities to avoid the crisis escalating further. Not only does this new government imposed guidelines not resolve the housing problem, but it will also damage the diversity, inclusion, academic outputs and funds of the universities.

The solution

Connect local house owners with the network of students who are searching for accommodation during their studies in the Netherlands. While students will be staying with local hosts and contributing to their family budgets, which can in turn contribute to their mortgage payments, they will also be learning and integrating to Dutch culture in a more seamless way. More importantly, since students will be less present in the housing market, it will be easier for the locals to find better housing opportunities for long term rent or purchase.

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