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The challenge

Sport has become one of the most popular topics of discussion and study during the past several decades. Especially over the last couple of years, surveys have found a significant increase in health awareness, both physically and mental, that arrived as a result of the Covid- 19 pandemic. A study conducted by “The Harris Poll” found that 1600 out of 2000 respondents “said they would be more mindful about practicing regular self-care” once the pandemic is over (A. Antrim, 2021). Both physical and mental health awareness are tightly related to the practice of sports. Several studies show that sustained exercise does not only reduce the risk of many physical problems such as obesity, heart disease or diabetes, but that it also lowers the rates of stress, anxiety and depression and enhances psychological or emotional well-being (S. J. Donaldson, K. R. Ronan, 2006). The strong correlation between an increase in health awareness in the past years, and the importance of exercise for general health results in an increase in demand for consumption and practice of sport. Most sports generally require one (tennis, padel, squash, wrestling) or several (basketball, football, hockey, volleyball) partners to play with or against. In the case of individual sports like swimming, running, or weight lifting; having a partner, even if not necessary, has proven to increase motivation and enjoyment of performing the sport. However, not everyone has someone, let alone several people that are willing to practice a specific sport with them, or even if they do, maybe their levels do not match and it makes the practice quite unenjoyable.

The solution

Aura is a mobile application that allows you to train and enjoy sports with different people with similar interests as yours. The app is restricted to only Tilburg University students, to ensure safety for all users and provide a common ground from the beginning. Each user has their own personal profile and is able to filter through different categories (age, gender, nationality, languages spoken, degree of studies, preferred sport, level of mastery…) until they find another profile fits into what they are looking for. That way, wether you are looking to find a sports partner, a friend, or a group of people to practice your favorite sport with, Aura provides you with a platform to achieve all of this in a safe and efficient way. Users of the app can also create their own sports events and join the events of others, a feature that is specially thought for those who prefer team sports or who are just looking to meet many different people at the same time. The goal of Aura is always the same, providing a safe community that connects students through sport.

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