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Ivana Pylypovova
Alice Giacchetti
Routhie Guez


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The challenge

Priorities change from generation to generation. While companies are looking for talent and ambition, students are seeking a job where they can find a personal satisfaction on the top of their career development. However, this time the world has changed. After the recent global shakes, the market shifted its course and solutions of the past decades simply does not work anymore. So while the global economy is being challenged, the Dutch labour market is experiencing a peak in its history, experiencing significant shortage while students still have issues to find a job. Sometimes, problems appearing to be simple and unimportant become so complex and impactful that innovation in the field is necessary.

The solution

We believe in innovative solutions regardless the industry. Through understanding the new generation of future employees and up-to-date research, we create tailored solutions for companies originating from and HR advice to its execution on the recruitment side. Our goal is the bigger picture behind this story. Since the older generations are retiring and the new generation has different requirements, for the further economic growth and innovation contributing to solving the SDGs, the right fit between employees and employers is crucial. Find more on our website:

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