Team info

Pepijn van der Velden
Bodhi van Meurs
Kyan Thomassen


The challenge

We are trying to solve two problems/inconveniences: The first problem is that there are multiple sources of communication for one sports team. Communication sources for sports team are very scattered, which makes it fairly inconvenient for the team members and for instance parents. The other problem is that lesser known sports or clubs have problems getting exposure to the bigger public.

The solution

By having all the communication going through one app/site, it will make sure the communication will be more centralized and therefore easier and more convenient for team members to keep up-to-date. by also bundling all different kinds of sports and clubs in this app, (especially) lesser known clubs and sports will get more exposure. This will increase their chances to acquire new members. It also helps individuals to find new activities which are not that well known. This means that the individual has a much more complete picture of what activities there are in his/her area, and to find the perfect fit for him/her.

Photos & Videos

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