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Avni Singh
Leonardo Martinez
Giancarlo Corti
Beatriz Carvalho
carolina kunde



The challenge

Mental health - everyone knows it exists and they might even know how to address it, however, few do, since it is not seen as a priority. Students have to meet strict deadlines, attend classes, self-study and on top of that, take care of themselves. Due to this, mental well-being often takes a back seat. What adds to this, is the lack of encouragement towards pursuing interests and prioritising a time and space where they can unwind and be able to appreciate and treat themselves. Moreover, students already find it challenging to make friends, let alone meet like-minded people with similar interests, leading to loneliness. Academically-induced stress and difficulty connecting with their peers lead to feelings of overwhelm and isolation, affecting their overall mental health.

The solution

Hobbee is an alternative learning space where students connect with students through teaching and learning a variety of creative hobbies at an affordable price. We aim to have a selection of unique activities not found in the existing traditional market, such as mixology, financial investment, design, video editing, self-improvement, DJ-ing, etc. Through a token-based system, the student is able to explore and invest in multiple hobbies creating long-term commitment. It's no surprise that students are burnt out, stressed and struggling with poor mental health due to traditional learning. It's often hard for us to take a break, explore and focus on our interests. Hobbee creates a mentally safe environment by offering a new way to explore leisure activities and meet new people through a social bubble of creativity, growth and relaxation. By doing this, we're able to bring together like-minded people in comfortable spaces learning what they enjoy.

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