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Eefje van Moorsel
Taegyun Sim
Sam Verdonschot


Business Ready

The challenge

Many issues affect the education and well-being of students in Dutch secondary school. > Students struggle to stay motivated and do homework, parents struggle to encourage them and teachers see this reflected in school > Students often use ineffective learning methods. This makes it harder for students to remember information and in the end, need more time to study. > The shortage of teachers has consqeunces for the students, who do not get the personal attention they need. > The COVID-19 caused the disruption of education by school closures, which makes it difficult for children to stay motivated and interested in their studies.

The solution

We offer a web-based serious game, ProfJunior, for secondary school students (undergrads) to increase motivation and study effectively. The students study by completing levels in a storyworld alone or with their peers, and the teacher provides the games' input. This way, the games are adjusted to their study materials. Teacher can access the games of others using the open source, which creates a community for the teacher. The teacher will be provided with the study progress and gain insight into which topics or students require more attention. Moreover, ProfJunior provides a gamified e-learning, teaching the students effective learning strategies and how to use them.

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