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The challenge

Over the past years, market conditions and the capitalist environment in various markets have led to monopolists or oligopolists. The danger of monopolistic market forces is the creation of unfair pricing models for consumers. So is the case with restaurants that deliver meals to people's homes. Jitse Groen, a few years ago with 1.2 billion assets in the quote500 at number 36 is founder of This is a great platform which mediates between restaurants and consumers. This allows consumers to easily and conveniently order meals online. However, due to their tremendous performance, they have created a monopolistic position in the market that currently causes restaurants to pay huge margins on sales (not profit margin) per order. This quickly amounts to a 30% net margin over the profit margin per order. In addition, the consumer also pays a mediation fee of 2 euros to So the problem is clear and there does not seem to be a solution to facilitate fairer margins so that as much money as possible stays on the bow, there, where it belongs. This is because shareholders have the disposition to squeeze out profits at the expense of ethics and the long term. In short, the hardworking restaurant companies are stuck in the noose of home delivery and, as separate units, are unable to make a fist against this capitalist trap. They are throwing millions around to maintain and strengthen their monopolistic position. It is time for a change. After 25 years of taking advantage of growth opportunities through more and more centralization, we as a society are now ready for the next step. Fairness. Fairness of trade and more support and respect for local businesses. The businesses that actually put in the passion and hard work to meet your needs. The platform trick now, in 2023 is no longer higher math and is due for an honest version. A healthy margin for facilitating, maintaining and running a platform.

The solution

The solution is a fair variant that is future-proof. A platform that is not out for profit and has no shareholders. Only directors and executives. This can ensure the fairest margin for nationally maintaining, governing and improving the platform. An essential part of the solution is a fiscal structure that makes share ownership impossible in the long run, so that the course can be set in the interest of the restaurant owners and profits remain with these restaurant owners so that their work pays 100% fair again. The idea is to raise an amount through crowdfunding. We are looking for people who encourage, and support this solution. Of course, it will then be made possible to share in the growth of this brave movement. Indeed, the promise is that a person's deposited amount will be paid out up to 4x when the company becomes profitable, after that this person is no longer a shareholder. The moment no one is a shareholder anymore, no one has any interest in profit and the only costs are, costs of running the company, maintaining the technology and making healthy pots for a sustainable future. The idea is to create and roll out an MVP in three well-considered cities. Through a marketing injection, hopefully a lot of publicity and the belief that: Honesty always wins, we try to create a movement. Students attack monopolist and Quote 500 member, Jitse Groen, with a fair alternative to ordering meals online. Welcome to the new age, where doing good will pay off. JEALTA - Do Good And Support Local

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