Team info

Paulene Gueco
Victor van Sterkenburg
Roya Nasiri
Jules de Bruin

Thousand AIyes


The challenge

1 in every 3000 babies are born with the Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), a congenital heart defect that affects normal blood flow through the heart. Infants with TOF can develop later in life all kinds of defects, like reduced oxygen in the blood. This can be remedied, but it costs each person at least two surgeries to correct the defects.

The solution

Tetralogy of Fallot can be detected during pregnancy. If TOF is detected early in pregnancy, it may be possible to avoid multiple surgeries in the future. Currently, the medical world uses AI to detect cancer for example. We want to develop a tool that detects TOF and other congenital diseases using AI models and ultrasound images. Based on the pregnancy images, this tool will predict and conclude whether the disease is present or not.

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