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The challenge

Nowadays the number of people having issues with their health and not really knowing where to start is increasing immensely. As human beings we should not solely give attention to the outer part of our bodies (movement, physical activities,...), yet also what we put into them. In numerous cases, people tend to choose the wrong path when it comes to this. The majority do not really know what to take in and this results in them either not consuming suitable supplements, overusing or underusing them. What can be done in order to solve this issue?

The solution

VITA ME. VITA ME is a company which puts its focus on improving the wellbeing of their customers by creating greater awareness and increasing the knowledge of their overall health. In the first step an initial blood test will allow to understand the patient's current situation. After careful analyzation, the right nutrition will be advised and further delivered to the clients home. This provides great efficiency and convenience for our customers. They will not have the problem again of not knowing which kind of supplements to take, in what amounts, neither where to get it from. So, VITA ME solves multiple issues at once. Finally, this service is accompanied by an application. The app will be sending notifications. Thus, serve as a reminder for the client to take the medication in case they might forget, to ensure the actual improvement of the client's health. The combination of all these services is unlike any other in the current market, making it a novel as well as unique business model and therefore setting us apart from any other company.

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