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Michael Chirilas
Razvan Pintea

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The challenge

The problem that we are addressing is the absence of a centralized platform for a student who is at the beginning of their independent living abroad, reaching essential fields such as accommodation, banking, the food industry, transportation, and services. Additionally, students are highly uninformed regarding new, innovative, and even sustainable ideas which could improve their lifestyles. Even though the information exists and is free, it is not centralized and can be difficult to find for students as well as other people.

The solution

Our solution consists of an accessible software platform that aims to guide and help students (but also expats) improve their daily decision-making by providing information as well as directions to different establishments. This is done by offering detailed information on websites, start-ups, and other innovative ideas, on a centralized platform that is accessible, easy to use, and pleasant to the eye. The information should provide relevant facts about the website, start-up, company, event, etc. in a transparent manner. We will separate into 3 segments (coming to Tilburg, Living in Tilburg, and leaving Tilburg) offering specific information for each. We also include reviews and discussion threads (adjusted by moderators to avoid sensitive topics such as racism, misogyny, etc.) to provide valuable consumer insights. Overall, this platform aims to make both existing and innovative information accessible and easy to choose from, while considering the value it brings to the customer.

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