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Ghaith Al Seirawan
Galina Valcheva
Guido Morera


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The challenge

Mental health problems are widespread across the world, but effective treatment that is affordable and accessible is limited. In many areas, there is a shortage of mental health professionals, resulting in long waiting times for appointments and limited access to mental health services, even for minor issues. If left unaddressed, these minor concerns can escalate into major disorders. Mental health issues have a significant impact on society and the economy, with reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, and higher healthcare costs, with the Netherlands alone spending 8.1 Billion on mental health care in 2021. Adherence to treatment plans is essential for successful outcomes, but approximately 50% of treatment failures occur due to patients not following coping mechanisms and strategies recommended during therapy sessions. This is often due to factors such as lack of motivation, forgetfulness, or feeling overwhelmed.

The solution

We are developing an AI system, which offers personalized mental health support through a mobile app. Our system includes a human-like conversational interface and other useful features, all designed to empower users to take control of their mental health. Our ultimate goal is to increase emotional literacy among the general public and to help individuals achieve a healthier, more fulfilling life. Through our AI-powered app, users will receive tailored coping mechanisms, providing them with the tools they need to better manage their mental health. With our conversational interface, users can engage in natural, empathetic dialogue with our system, helping them feel heard and understood. We believe that by providing this kind of support, we can help to destigmatize mental health and promote greater wellbeing for all.

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