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Ghaith Al Seirawan
Galina Valcheva


The challenge

Some of the most prevalent mental issues we face nowadays are anxiety and depression. Patients face obstacles such as motivation, logistics, or insufficient income; all preventing them from receiving the help they need. Practitioners, too, face challenges as more young people turn to solely digital solutions.

The solution

Create AI-fueld tools for obstacle-free therapy for anxiety and depression, all while empowering practitioners in the field. As mentioned depression and anxiety are a common observation, yet they are also some of the disorders we have investigated the most as researchers. This data allows for the introduction of AI-driven helping tool. Communicating with your therapist leaves a footprint - a particular pattern which describes your unique being. Software carries out computation of immense complexity all while preserving every piece of information you ever shared, optimising the practitioner's memory requirements, and tailoring your therapy specifically to you. Our approach combines the trust and authenticity we share within human bonds and the power of technology.

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