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Jari Gabriƫls
Tijs van Schaik
Noah Kybartas

CIRKOL AI Solutions


The challenge

CIRKOL Ai Solutions is trying to solve the challenge of understanding customer visual design preferences for companies operating in product design-intensive industries such as fashion and technology. Currently, companies invest significant time and resources in collecting and analysing customer feedback to anticipate the most effective design elements. However, traditional methods such as focus groups and consumer interviews are subjective and time-consuming, limiting their usefulness

The solution

To address this issue, CIRKOL Ai Solutions aims to provide an AI-powered tool that can efficiently gather and analyse consumer data. This tool will eliminate the need for labour-intensive methods and provide more objective insights into consumer preferences. By leveraging AI, CIRKOL Ai Solutions aims to provide a comprehensive and data-driven understanding of consumer visual design preferences to help companies create products that are more appealing to their target audience.

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