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Humans are becoming more digitalized than ever. Shifting our social interactions from physical interactions to digital interactions. We are still recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, which is drastically affecting our social compass. As a result, we are more hesitant to engage in social interaction than 10 years ago. After recovering from the previous pandemic (ish), we are in another type of pandemic, the loneliness pandemic. Students are more lonely than ever since two in five feel lonely to some degree, up by 25% since 2019. While three out of five people who live alone, feel lonely (CBS,2022). One-third of this group feel extremely lonely (Centraal Bureau voor Statistiek, 2022). Many start-ups and organizations promote social interactions and create ways for people to meet. To fulfill this need by lowering the social communication barrier. Tinder lowers the social barrier to finding a date, while Instagram lowers the barrier to communicating with vague associates and friends. Who fulfills the need to lower the social interaction barrier at our kitchen table? Since the moment we are alive, we have eaten with family and friends. Do you agree with me that eating food is something social? So why do we stop eating food with others when we live alone? Most people in single-person apartment/studio flats live alone, so these flat inhabitants live in the same building by the hundreds but often eat and cook alone. Who can help these people to reduce their social barrier to interact at the dinner table?

The solution

Share A Bowl wants to lower the social barrier to interact with your neighbors and help people to form food-sharing communities. Share A Bowl intends to aid the community in setting up community food events. At these events, home cooks will collectively cook meals for the whole community to eat together. These events should become a fertile place for bonding and creating friendships. Imagine there was a way to easily participate in community food events, find affordable homemade meals or find a cooking buddy. Share A Bowl enhances social interactions through the love for food we all share.

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