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Krzysztof Trzebinski
Jakub Janczak

Thirsty Clothing

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The challenge

The fashion industry suffers from overproduction of clothing while using extensive amounts of resources to create their clothing. On the other hand, the sustainable fashion industry struggles with high prices and a lack of interesting designs.

The solution

Thirsty is a sustainable clothing brand designed for environmentally conscious people who like to stand out from the crowd. We founded the company at the end of 2021 in Tilburg and managed to earn more than €2.5k in revenue with our first collection about the Aral Sea. We are thirsty for: - producing textiles made from eco-friendly and quality materials - providing unique and abstract designs with a story behind them - raising social and environmental awareness around the globe through our collections - making a positive contribution to the world by donating 5% of every garment sold to an NGO to support sustainable water solutions - ensuring safe working conditions in the sewing companies we collaborate with

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