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Jelle de Bruijn
Younes Sayeb



The challenge

The problem that we are addressing is the inequality that has shown to be a rising concern in the educational environment. The level and amount of education a student can receive is now largely based on the financial status of one's parents, this is due to the commercial nature of the emerging tutoring industry. Due to the unequal distribution of wealth it is possible for high-income families to buy tutoring lessons for their child whereas lower-income families can not afford to give their children this advantage.

The solution

We are trying to solve this problem by developing a peer-to-peer tutoring web app that will allow schools to implement this equalizing method of tutoring with an easy to use system. We allow schools to implement this peer-to-peer tutoring by simplifying matters like planning and invoicing. This system is supposed to lower the cost of an hour of tutoring and internalize the tutoring process for schools, this way every student can get the amount and level of education they deserve.

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