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Ivana Pylypovova
Jorrit van der Werff



The challenge

The future in workspace. Sitting or standing behind a desk for hours daily, we are seeking ways how to move and stay healthy. However, your free time should not be the only option how to be active. Have you thought about a standing desk hoping to escape bazillion options of what can go wrong due to long hours of sitting? But when then? We all know how annoying it becomes to be standing for a long time. From waiting in lines, standing on public transport or having a long talk standing, it always ends up with sore feet, stiff legs, back or even dizziness. Facing these challenges, how can we create a healthy workspace encouraging physical activity?

The solution

We want to help you to keep the healthy lifestyle in your workspace. Therefore, we are developing W-PAD, an innovative walking pad imitating walking in nature. To keep your body engaged, we incorporate adjustable rotation uphill, downhill and sideways. This way, you can now decide if you want to walk, balance, or experience both at the same time, bringing yourself to a walk in nature inside your office/home. We know that surface quality matters. Hence, the integrated foam surface reflecting soil will create an incomparable indoor walking experience. Moreover, by absorbing the movement and noise, you can fully focus on the work while having your body engaged. To stay sustainable, we look at materials such as EPP to offer high quality and contribute to your health also indirectly by keeping the planet clean. Join us on this journey and become a part of the active workspace. Walk your way through the day.

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