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Joost Haddinga


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The challenge

Everything with sustainability is generally a growing industry, as climate change and economic change are increasingly the focus of many people. Cashback is also in great demand among customers, as they have the feeling of getting something back and grabbing extra benefits. Even older and very young people are slowly being seized by it. Increasing supply and demand for sustainable products in Germany, but there is still no cashback app with a real focus on sustainability and small businesses.

The solution

In B2B, we offer a platform on which companies can offer their products and generate new customers and traffic. We ensure increased brand awareness (especially in terms of sustainability), and individualized customer data). There are only very few entry hurdles, an otherwise minimal commission from the purchase price of the end customers, as well as the possibility of increased brand awareness and marketing (visibility), sustainability aspect and access to customer data. As a result, we sell a new sales channel, new customers, new marketing opportunities, greener company orientation, and individualized customer data In B2C, we offer an app with Storefinder to collect points that can later be converted into rewards as well as a community platform on which customers can exchange and network. In this way, we want to promote sustainable consumption. In this way, we sell savings, a better attitude to life, and an individualized shopping experience to consumers.

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