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empathetic, good communication skills, active listening, problem-solving, organized


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Karolina Majchrzak



The challenge

These days, the number of employees dealing with occupational stress and burnouts rises enormously. Many employees come back home with a lot of tension, pressure which have a huge influence on their work-life balance and their performance at work. Unfortunately, access to health care is not that easy, and it is concerned with a long waiting time for an appointment with a specialist. During that time, employees may develop already more serious chronic stress symptoms, which can lead to many mental and physical diseases.

The solution

Making the online work counselling platform accessible on any smartphone, affordable, convenient for an organization and workers - so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere. Our mission would be to deliver help to employees by talking to them in a confidential way about their feelings to identify the causes of an employee’s work-related stress. When conducted in a private and judgment-free environment, it can help the employee to understand the cause of the stress, and find steps to manage and reduce it. Nevertheless, an employee can choose to chat, phone or have video conversations.

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