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Jakub Janczak
İlikan Baha Hepiyiler
Constantin Oprescu
Oscar de Vries


Business Ready / Startup

The challenge

University students lack opportunities to expand their network among their fellow students, especially during the current healthcare crisis. In the short term, this causes a problem for our mental health, and in the long term for our future business prospects. Student associations help in a very limited way, and therefore we need a larger platform with broader access to a diverse background of colleagues to meet.

The solution

UniLink will provide the platform for students to form hobby groups, study partnerships, business teams, sports groups, and plan parties, and therefore allow them to connect with each other in a way not seen before. This way of networking will form lifelong friendships. Our initial plan is to start in Tilburg and connect the three higher education institutions here, and follow it up by expanding worldwide in the long run.

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