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Stijn Rombouts

De hedendaagse geschiedenis in de praktijk (Contemporary history in practice)


The challenge

There are several problems: - Politicians having to take severe decisions over regions in the world they don't know enough about, which provides for mistakes which cost human lives. - Education usually teaches history until the Cold War, so it leaves a gap. - The news all around the world can't be put in the right context. - Every region in the world, even every country and regions within a country, have a different worldview, so that people and politicians from different regions don't know anything other than their own worldview. - The news, as well as even the biggest intellectuals and political commentators, are almost without exception subjective, as they view the world through their own political preference and have preferences for certain countries over others. - There is a lot of injustice which isn't addressed enough. - There is a lack of historical, political and cultural understanding in general.

The solution

My proposed solution is a (geo)political scientific book, that works as a historical map around the globe: understanding the planet. It explains the current political and cultural situation for every country that is at least a bit important (a little less than 100 countries would be discussed), by analyzing its recent history, with the emphasis on the last 100 years. This book would fill the gap that schools leave behind when teaching history, and would make people all around the world as well as politicians understand better what's going on anywhere else. This book will state the facts as they are, but it goes beyond that. It will give value judgments on all events, however, it will not fall in the trap of subjectivity. This is because I work from an almost undisputed, unchallengeable moral value system: every person, country or organization that enhances the human rights situation in the world will be praised, whereas every person, country or organization that violates the human rights will be condemned.

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