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Martijn Driessen
Julia Walboomers
Nic van der Valk
Stella Barenholz
Youri Spapens

Evolve - Play like a child, learn like a professional

Business ready / startup

The challenge

Based on literature regarding leadership, self-development and development in organizations we have come to understand there is a need for employees who possess the skills to be an adequate leader. A lack of competent leaders can have devastating consequences for an organization. Examples are high rates of absenteeism, loss of resources and demotivated employees. Whereas, adequate leaders can help facilitate growth of the organization as a whole. Fulfilling this need will help to create an environment which enhances productivity and unity within the organization.

The solution

Based on research regarding the much-needed development of competent leaders within organizations, we propose the following solution: to facilitate soft skill trainings, where serious games, active reviewing and co-creation are implemented. Experiential learning is known as one of the most effective ways to pick up new content/skills as it combines all facets of learning (doing, feeling, speaking etc). This also causes for experiential learning to ensure a more sustainable effect. Additionally, co-creation ensures the optimal relevance for the employee(s) who follow training. These facets, in combination with quality content, create the opportunity to create future leaders!

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