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Agnija Marmazova

Mind your work


The challenge

Stress, depression, and burnouts are leading problems among employees in many companies. Silent killers that are often diagnosed too late or with a low degree of severity. Next to the employee suffering, it negatively affects various (financial) factors for the employer. Luckily, in many companies, the problem is taken seriously but in the spirit of 'prevention is better than cure' the companies often stand empty-handed. Management teams are searching for ways to avoid missing employees on the work floor which also deteriorates the general atmosphere within the company.

The solution

My solution is to start a system with which a company can arrange a team of psychologists that helps employees at the workplace to feel more positive about life and work. They will be active in improving social structures within the company, for example, to stimulate a healthy work- and lifestyle. This will be THE way for a company to actively prevent psychological issues among employees. An accessible and positive system for companies that can easily be implemented for creating a pleasant and healthy work environment.

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