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Accessible Mental Health Tracker


The challenge

The problem addressed in this project is the view on mental health nowadays. A topic which is considered as a 'tabu' in a lot of situations and places. Mental health is often misunderstood, it is wrongly associated with weakness. This certain picture we have influenced the way we behave and think towards mental health when we come in touch with it. People are embarrassed to talk about it, they are fast when it comes to judging due to the poor education, they have problems understanding it as well as to reach out for help which results in severe problems that could have been preventable.

The solution

The proposed solution for this problem can be divided into several steps. These include treating mental health as a day to day topic, making mental care more accessible to people who need it, educating people about mental health and teaching them how to handle this sensitive topic, and stressing the importance of mental well-being and the risks of poor mental health. This project is created to slowly but efficiently contribute to the solution.

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