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Gijs de Groot

Phoneless, Start using your phone less

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The challenge

Mass distraction is caused by smartphones. During work, study, or other brain intensive activities, our smartphone constantly asks for attention which causes distraction. After getting distracted by your phone, when studying, it could take up to 25 minutes before getting to the same level of concentration as before. As concentration can be seen as a muscle that has to be trained and remained strong, distraction by smartphones results in poor concentration spans and even sleeping problems with young adults.

The solution

The solution to this is a lockable box with a timer. The box is used as a locker with a timer where you can put your phones in for a set time (for example 2 hours). This box helps get rid of the distraction that your phone causes during class, at work other brain intensive activities. Next to this, the box is easy to use when you are are trying to fall asleep. By implementing this box in your daily activities, the distraction level of your phone will be reduced significantly with an improvement in your concentration span.

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