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Charlie Mhaitang


Business ready / startup

The challenge

There is not enough help for women who are in a vulnerable position in society. Most support that is available is either expensive or not accessible. The project's end goal is to support a fragile group of women and help them to get back in the job market. We hope to generate enough revenues in the long term, to stimulate the women to follow courses and training sessions within the textile-industry.

The solution

Weekly meetings are organised where women from a low social class can come together can develop their skills and confidence while creating shopping bags, which are afterward put on sale. The skills they learn by doing this can be used when they are ready to enter the job market again. The bags are produced in a sustainable manner because they are made of textile remnants from a local quilt manufacturer. Which is why when buying a SHOPPR bag, a consumer can use less plastic and look stylish in doing so!

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